Air Force Dining Out 2010

The Air Force Dining Out

This is the review of the Air Force ROTC Detachment 157 annual Dining Out. It’s a formal event attended by cadets, officers and special guests. Fortunately, the LivOut crew was there to cover the event. This event is modeled after a formal dinner. It began as cadets arrived to a waiting area where they all socialized in a stress free environment. The goal was for everyone to relax after a year of hard work and enjoy the night as best as they could.

Before entering the dining area, the guests went thru a formal greeting by the Wing Commander, Special guest, Cadet Wing Commanders of both semesters and their respective dates. After everyone was seated, the colors were placed and the national anthem was sung. While everyone enjoyed their meal, humorous videos made by the cadets were played and everyone tried not laugh too hard. What came next was something that haunted every cadet, it was Grodball.

The Grodball is a tradition of the detachment, it consists of a cadet been claimed by the Gord and he or she must drink from a “special punch”, while at the same time complete some steps that must be done perfectly. If a cadet makes a mistake in the ritual, he or she would have to drink again, and no one knows what’s in this punch. Worst of all, the punch was served in a toilet bowl. Talk about something discussing.

But after multiple attempts by various cadets, every victim did their part and the event moved on. Next, was a motivational speech, made by one of the special guests, Brigadier General Burke. It was a beautiful speech, perfect for the occasion. After his speech, Colonel Reese proceeded to thank everyone that made the event possible and he thanked the guest for being there. Then, he proceeded to the most anticipated part of the ceremony; this was the announcement of the staff for the next semester. He presented the new wing commander and his staff. Each staff member has a special item that he or she carries as a symbol for his or her role. For example, the wing commander was giving a lifejacket. They claim that this object represents the responsibility of a wing commander to keep the whole wing afloat.

After, the new wing staff was presented, the new wing commander made a brief speech and the event proceeded to its end. The head table marched out of the room and everyone followed. Our staff was amazed to how many traditions are kept alive in ceremonies like this. Events like this are full of symbolism that honor the fallen, their comrades and the nation they serve. We can only hope that these traditions be kept alive, and that we all recognize the hard work done by all of the people that serve our country.

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