Guns N’ Roses @ PR


Guns N’ Roses Concert @ Puerto Rico

There is no doubt that the legendary Rock n Roll band, Guns n’ Roses, still is of great enjoyment by every “Rocker” without discriminating by age. During Thursday night 15 of april, while some worked and others tried to finish their 401K on time, many went to what used to be Puerto Rico’s main hall of events, the Roberto Clemente Coliseum, to enjoy a concert by Guns n’ Roses, as part of their world tour of their new album “Chinese Democracy 2010”.

Just as it happened many years ago this time in the Coliseum of Puerto Rico Jose Miguel Agrelot, Mr. Rose, last remaining member of the original band of Guns N’ Roses, got up on stage around 12:50 in the morning, reinforcing comments by one of the band members who says, “The guy refuses to accept that he is not the star he once was beside the original band, he makes everyone wait, but that is how he is, he is Axel Rose. You decide, you can go and lose your money or you can stay and have the best time in the best concert of the year”.

Looking for publicity for his events, the young rebel continues his attitudes similar to the ones he shared with the other band members in their best moments. He continues making audiences wait so then after hours of wait, he amazes everyone with a first class performance. This was no exeption, the event, which was to commence at 8:00pm with the local band PUYA as telethons followed by Sebastian Bach, began more than an hour late, pushing Mr. Rose’s entrance to 12:50am.

Accompanied by his latest work, he managed to move his Puertorican fans and present what would be the last leg of this tour of “Chinese Democracy 2010” in Latin America, as was expressed by the lead singer.

The general public began entering the Roberto Clemente Coliseum around 8:30pm. The Puertorican band, PUYA, began playing around 9:45pm with a lot of energy promoting their two songs, “Areyto” and “No Hay Mal Que Por Bien No Venga” of their next album titled, Areyto, which were very well received by the public.

With little sound problems, they managed to present the rest of their musical proposal, heating up the engines of their Puertorican fans for what is next in their agenda, sharing a little of what is new and part of their classic “stuff” till about 10:20pm.

Sebastian Bach commenced to lift up the public’s spirit, making them rise up from their seats. During his intervention, he mentioned that the first time he came to Puerto Rico was 20 years ago and that he appreciated the high spirit of Rock n Roll that is shared by Puertorricans who continue to support him. In various occasions he made the attempt of communicating in Spanish, which once deciphered, caused emotions among the public.

Apart from Bach’s talent as a singer, in various occasions, the special effects were noted and they served as aid for his voice. Sebastian Bach’s presentation commenced a short time after the band PUYA, but it notably extended a few minutes past midnight, by this time many people that enjoyed the presentation showed signs of being tired and anxious to hear from Guns N Roses.

Finally, after a long 50 minutes of waiting after the presentation of Sebastian Bach, the lights of the stage were turned off and the first chords of the song “Chinese Democracy” began to be heard across the coliseum which lifted the spirits of everyone that was anticipating the acclaimed song.

Screens showed different visuals that were accompanied by a spectacle of pyrotechnics. The emotion of the Roberto Clemente Coliseum, which was practically full, allowed it-self to be noted immediately when people started to euphorically sing out laud every song.

During the presentation Axel Rose did not give up an opportunity to outdo himself, trying to prove that he still has talent, at times you could hear how he tried to force his voice to reach his 1980’s notes.  Axel continued to enter and exit from an improvised backstage that he had on stage, which he could, when he wanted to, change his outfits, and he had many wardrobe changes. But sometimes, he would just go in and then come back out.

The culminating point of the event must’ve been when he interpreted Paul McCartney’s song “Live and Let Die” while a series of pyrotechnics impacts woke up everyone that had fallen asleep for being drunk or just tired. Another point that should be mentioned was when he interpreted the song “Don’t Cry”. Just to provoke the fans they performed their famous songs, “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Sweet Child Of Mine”, “Paradise City”, “November Rain”, which with some arrangement commenced after the first verse of the title “The Wall” from the legendary British group, Pink Floyd.

Many decided to leave early, other stayed to support their band, listen to their favorite hits and others to enjoy the opportunity of being in a good Rock concert in the Roberto Clemente, just as they did many years ago.

The great majority of spectators kept themselves enjoying and singing the songs till 3:15 in the morning, at which this glamorous spectacle ended, proving once and for all that “Rock and Roll” still has followers in the “Island of Enchantment”.

Article by: Jesús Colón /

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