Supporting the Special Olympics 2010


Supporting the Special Olympics 2010

When it comes to special events, knows where to find the ones that are truly special. This is exactly what we did last weekend when we spent both Friday and Saturday in Celebration, FL. We were there to document the Jetport Food and Wine Festival and the Exotic Car Festival, two events that were part of a major four day festival. These events were held to Support the Special Olympics, and it could not have been better. There was a huge turnout; many people came to support these events, and they sure got what they came for. There was everything, from exotic cars, to private air show and even celebrities. It was just a good place to spend the weekend.

The Jetport Food and Wine Festival was held Friday night, and it was a very unique night. The event hosted foods from world renowned chefs, which included cocktails, wine and champagne. Also there was a display of unique cars and airplanes. And there was even an auction and a fashion show. The only bad thing about this part of the festival is that it was for only one night.

The Exotic car Car Festival was held throughout Saturday in downtown Celebration. And these cars were truly exotic; we saw everything from a collection of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Panteras to cars used in movies like GhostBusters, Back To the Future and Star Wars. Even R2-D2 and some Storm Troopers were there to join us in that extraordinary event. Another group of celebrities was also there to join us. Among these group was Jimi Jamison (former lead singer of Survivor), Daniel Baldwin (Sopranos) and James Tolkan (Top Gun). crew was luckily enough to get an interview with these celebrities who had taken their time to be there. Among the collective words that they spoke in their interviews, they shared with us the need that they saw for people to be there. They acknowledge the importance of the Special Olympics and how we need to support them. In the end, a ceremony was held and trophies were given to the owners of the best cars, this was determined by judges who spent a day inspecting every car. Many people joined the ceremony and finally it was ended with the roar of exotic cars driving away.

If you want to support the Special Olympics, want to know how to help or just want to get involved, you can visit their website.

– Jesús Colón /